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Affilicon Conference & Exhibition: June 1-2, 2009, Avenue Convention Center, Airport City, Israel

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  "In the name of all of the eToro team I would like to thank you for the great, well organized and highly effective convention. This was a great opportunity for us to meet face to face with many of our current and future affiliates and keep spreading the name eToro in the magical on-line world.

Make sure to save a good spot for us on Affilicon 2009!"

Amir Rabinowicz, eToro partners

  “From the get-go we were confident in our decision to venture out to Israel for a new industry show targeted at affiliate marketing. Our decision was only reinforced by the caliber of the organizers, their meticulous attention to detail and their overwhelming need to make the show a success for all attendees. The venue was ideal and highly conducive to having formal and informal conversations with the plethora of potential new partners. Although we did not sit in on all the seminars and panels (some were strictly in Hebrew), from what we heard there was a very high quality of speakers and sessions, where both experienced and ‘Newbie’s’ alike were able to gain valuable insights in to the industry and the direction it was heading. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and will 100% be re-attending the show again in June 2009.”

Matt Wise, President and Co-Founder of Karaktr Media (

  First and for most, we would like to thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the ever growing affiliate market in Israel. We would like to congratulate you for getting all the serious players in the industry to take part in this convention that was held in the up most creative and productive atmosphere. We enjoyed the professional and efficient organization of the event, prior to it and during it, and we appreciate the support and dedication of the organizing team. Above all, we appreciate the business opportunities and connections that were made possible by this event. This was a very educational and enjoyable experience and we would love to meet again in Affilicon 2009.

Sharon Engel and Online 365 Marketing team

  When the idea of an affiliate conference in Israel was first announced, our prayers seemed to finally have been answered! For some time now, Israel has been an excellent source of affiliates for us, although our only exposure to them has been at other conferences and seminars elsewhere, so meetings and opportunities were few and far between. With Affilicon taking place in their own backyard, we jumped at the chance to be a part of this exciting event, and we did not come away disappointed!

Besides the chance to meet with our existing affiliates, we also took full advantage of the opportunity to meet with new affiliates, of which there were many. Meeting people from other industries and backgrounds has also proved extremely beneficial to the way we do business, and has opened doors to potential partnerships in the future.

The event itself was excellently organized, and many thanks must go to the organizers for their tireless efforts to help us get the most out of our trip. It was a pleasure attending Affilicon, and we certainly plan on attending more Affilicon events in the future!

Lawrence Wilson, Head of Affiliates Team, Playshare

  “Affilicon Conference is a must attend for anyone interested in learning about the best practices, latest technology or meet the leading partners and marketers available to help grow your affiliate marketing business”

Glenn Pagan, SVP MediaTrust

  "When I first heard of Affilicon, I was excited but skeptical. I had no idea that so many people will show up... Nevertheless I decided not only to attend, but also to become a speaker. I was soooo wrong! The event was nothing less than amazing! The organization, the speakers, the content, and the facilities were all in the highest levels and standards. I was surprised by the amount of people that attended and by the amount of Israeli-based affiliates, programs, technologies and tools. You can count me in for next time!"

Ran Aroussi, Founder of ClickIM Internet School

  "You have done an Awesome job! We were very happy to be part of this historical event. It was the first Conference for us as presenters and the first conference in Israel. Your organization was so professional that we can only salute to you! You can definitely count us in for the next conference. So, Make sure to save the best spot for the Bullies on Affilicon Spring 2009!"

Emil Paz and PPC Bully Team

  I was shocked when I opened the auditorium doors and saw around 500 people actively listening. Thank you so much, for putting Israel on the map with the first true affiliate conference. Zionism at its best!!!

Shay Shevach, RummyRoyal CMO

  Hi Itay,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the outstanding event you hosted in November. Affilicon 2008 offered excellent sessions and great networking opportunities all for a very reasonable cost. The best part, from a business standpoint, was the exceptional balance between operators and affiliates. At many conferences that is not often the case. From a personal perspective however, choosing Israel for the venue was more than I could have wished for. It is such a lively, beautiful and friendly place that I am counting the days until the next Affilicon.

Erin Argue, Affiliate Program Director, BetUS

  I much enjoyed the convention last week in Shefayim. I was surprised with the strong attendance and the high standards of the event. Though I am in the Internet world for many years, it was a great chance to see so many interesting people from my field and I will surely use many of the contacts made there for professional purposes. I would definitely wait for the next convention.

Yossi Shalom

  “This convention as an excellent example for a well planned, high standard, event. The lectures were highly professional and contributed greatly. The professional, high quality, well served organization made this into one of the top events ever seen in Israel. See you next time!

Shai Karmi Affilite Director at -

  "I attended Affilicon, the first affiliate convention held in Israel, and it was great. It was the first convention I've been to and I met with some great people, shared ideas, heard and learned a lot from the CEO's different panels as well as from all the lectures from super affiliates and others. Things like CEO's complementing each other's products and promoting their brands while discussing a subject in an open panel. To my taste there were times when they sounded a bit like politicians that's all. In the grand total of things, I really enjoyed the whole Affilicon experience and I would definitely come to next one!

On a personal note, I'd like to thank you personally for arranging the whole convention and for taking care of every little aspect.

Thank you for a very successful convention, See you at the next Affilicon on June 2-3 2009. Don't miss it..."

Maor Schonbrun, Affiliate

  Affilicon Israel was a highly professional, well organized and fun event. The panels and speakers were interesting, some even enriching. It was a joy for me to participate in this high quality event, and what's more, without flying... It was the first time I encountered this level of online marketing event in Israel, thumbs up!

Mr. Amir Yarkoni, CO-CEO, easynet search marketing

  "Thank you for a well planed and well served conference! I really had a great time & it was a great opportunity to learn new stuff and to meet the worldwide affiliate community. A conference like that is what we need, especially in Israel. Thank you for gratifying my need to knowledge..."

Ilan, Affiliate

  “The first Affilicon was a very pleasant surprise, finally a serious convention for the growing community of Israeli affiliates. It gave us an opportunity to network with many different webmasters and media firms alongside providing valuable information in various topics."

Ory Weihs, Reef Media Ltd

  "Still exhausted and full of adrenalin after the 2 amazing days of Affilicon. bringing here to our back yard all those relevant people and create new kind of convention was a great idea and wonderful execution. Affilicon created great buzz internationally and remind all how significant Israelis in the traffic world. great atmosphere, interesting session and cool party but most important –created new business and opportunities. Looking forward for the next one!"

Sharon Argov, performance base marketing consultant

  Affilicon was a great convention. Finally, us Israelis were able to gather and meet without having to travel miles away. There were also few new faces of people that don't make it abroad and were presence here.
It was well planned and organized and the impressive list of speakers delivered comprehensive and interesting lectures. There was enough time and space (a pleasant space) to meet and chat, to create new relationships, renew and expand the old ones and to socialize with friends in the industry!
Looking forward for the next one.

Liat Fuchs,

  “I was absolutely amazed by the exemplary organization of the conference and by the high attendance, particularly since it was a first of its kind. The event served as an excellent platform for meeting new colleagues and forming new business contacts within the industry. Itay, Udi, Ran, Shay and Anat – way to go! See you in spring 2009!

Omri Weinberg VIP account manager at -

  I found the Affilicon convention as a great event to meet the top ranks people of the e-commerce industry, to learn about new technologies, to get new business ideas and to hear about the new trends in the market. The convention that took place in Shfayim was well organized, very interesting and left the delegates with a lot of expectations for the next event.

Gady Shlasky, CEO of The Q Group

  The ReferForex/Finexo team would like to congratulate Itay and his team on organizing such a successful event. The Affilicon conference in Israel provided us with a wealth of knowledge, tremendous exposure and invaluable professional contacts. Over the two day forum, we met with our existing affiliates based in Israel and successfully networked towards the expansion of our affiliate program.
Thank you for providing us with this important venue. Job well done!
We look forward to attending Affilicon 2009!

Melissa Rosenberg, Affiliate Manager,

  There are times when you need to make a decision without hesitating much. And so it was, as affiliate marketer, attending the Affilicon Fall 2008 at Shefayim, was fantastic and fruitful decision. To sum it up, I can say I enjoyed good motivating sessions, as well as being able to meet the faces behind the screens. Following 2 days of listening to sessions and meeting with colleagues, as an individual, I had many ideas and "to do" list to execute. It was definitely worth participating! Thanks.

Shay, Internet Entrepreneur -

  Affilicon recognized the need to bring an affiliate conference to Israel. This venue was the place to meet interesting affiliates and set up working relationships with other networks. Thanks for making this conference a successful work and social experience.
Looking forward for the next conference to see you all again.

Gilad Somjen, Online Media Director,

  "I enjoyed the last affilicon conference a great deal. It had very professional speakers that provided me with interesting angles on search marketing, based on recent cases. There were also plenty of networking opportunities. Everyone who is someone on the Israeli SEO / SEM arena was there, as well as some respected International players. I am looking forward to the next year's conference"

Mr. Sharon Lahav, VP Professional Services, easynet search marketing.

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