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Affilicon Conference & Exhibition: June 1-2, 2009, Avenue Convention Center, Airport City, Israel

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Affilicon Blog


Affilicon Berlin- 45 days to go
September 7, 2009 - 7:32am

  The summer vacation is over in most places (some extend it few days) and all parties involved in making Affilicon Berlin a success are back at full gear. The Agenda is almost complete, administration preparation are on track and the list of attendees is nicely growing.

We are very pleased with the amount of Super Affiliates who will come, the quality of vendors and Affiliate Networks who will either attend or exhibit and the buzz in the market as per the event.

During the coming days you will hear more and more about Affilicon Berlin through various sources. We try to get to anyone who is active in the Affiliation field and get the right people to attend.

Our success is your success. Spread the word around your colleagues.


Super Affiliates confirm their participation at Affilicon Berlin
September 6, 2009 - 11:11am

  An exceptional number of super affiliates have already confirmed their participation at Affilicon Berlin. Super affiliate is an individual or an organization that is generating over One million Euro a year. Some generate 10s of Millions. Typically they are active for over 5 years and promote various products directly and through Affiliate Networks. Super affiliates like to share from their experience and educate newbies and small affiliates.

"We were lucky in our activities over the net" says Felix Leshno, one of the largest affiliates who attended Affilicon Israel and participated in some panels. "Now it is the time for us to share our success with others. We probably did and do something right and we would like to share it with others. Internet affiliation is an unlimited space, which has just started to grow and flourish. There is room for all"

Affiliates who will attend Affilicon Berlin are welcome to meet and network these super affiliates. One hint or idea can increase performance dramatically.


Affilicon Berlin- 3 months away
July 7, 2009 - 14:05pm

  Setting up a conference and exhibition in a new location takes a lot of preparation and efforts. While the administrative tasks take time, it is a straight forward activity. Prepare you task list and give each of the tasks the best solution.

The main challenge is getting to the right people who may find the event as the place to be. An event that will add to their knowledge, get them to network with new people and business partners and have fun. Our experience indicates that in any place where a vivid active affiliation community acts, a great need for such an event exist.

Typically some of the leading bloggers, affiliates schools, super affiliates and affiliate networks join forces with us and promote the event within the community. We see it happens here and we are confident that the Affilicon Berlin message will be carried to the interested community.

We try to get all into Affilicon Europe Facebook group where we send any relevant information and let the group members share ideas and post any data of interest. One day, this group will be the largest international affiliates group for the benefit of all of us.

Activity grows as we get closer to the event. Stay tuned and will let you know as we progress.


Internet Marketing- Don't get carried away
July 7, 2009 - 14:05pm

  The internet network has changed our life in many ways. We are way more connected, updated in close to real time, becoming more virtual, adding weight and more. Once in a while you envision a world where almost all activities are being done electronically and all offline businesses and service offices will disappear.
The Internet has become a major marketing tool. Budgets are switched from traditional media, email is being used extensively, blogs, forums and social networks are bombarded with marketing messages and content is being specially written to promote various products and services. Millions of people are making their living by marketing products over the net.

The Internet gives an impression that we are living in a global village where the written language is English, there is one culture, no tradition, no nationalities and all people think alike. Well, while the Internet helps in bridging gaps (and having some data about the Iranian regime – where it seems that nobody can help), we are still far away from being one nation with a single, common culture, habits, language and more. The better we realize it the better we can do online marketing.

One of the reasons who Facebook is so successful is the fact that it lets you build mini network with your friends who share the same culture, language, or same interest. Same goes with Twitter, Myspace and Linkedin. Google is yet another example bridging any gap by letting you search using your own language.
Vendors who are looking into expanding online into new territories do realize that a key factor for their success will be the cooperation with local affiliates. They and only they understand the local culture, language, trends and more. Same goes for Affiliates Networks who offers international expansions to the merchants who they promote in their portfolio.

The International affiliates are considered to be leaders in their space as they posses some qualities that are unique to them. Being multi lingual, they better understand the language barrier. Outsourcing jobs and cooperating with experts in places where cost is relatively low, is very natural for them. They are very success driven and have a clear urge to excel. No affiliates network or international vendor can eliminate the international community of affiliates anymore.

Electrolux, a large Swedish home appliance manufacturer, ran a TV ad campaign in the early 90s in the US for its line of vacuum cleaners. Its message was "Nothing sucks like Electrolux". You may realize that this campaign was aired once and was immediately canceled. I guess nowadays vendors would like to do better by using local partners!!!

Don't get carried away! We are still not a global village and we will probably never be.

Udi Netzer- Chairman and co-founder of Affilicon (


Globalization- sales are driven from anyplace - A basic overview
July 6, 2009 - 19:48pm

Online marketing is a key drive in changing the way products' and services' sales are being done. As more and more merchants are going online, it is time to analyze what is the most effective way to increase sales.

Any vendor who goes online and offers products or services should define the following:
• Who are my potential customers in terms of territory? Am I a global vendor or a domestic one?
• Where are the territories that are more suitable to my business? US? Europe? Far East Asia? Others? Where am I more competitive, unique? What is my clear value proposition?
• Am I looking for international customers (am I organized to handle them) or am I looking for affiliates (domestic and international) who will drive domestic traffic to my site?
• What is the projected traffic and number of actual customers projected? Need to have the right servers infrastructure and enough capacity to cope with increased demand.

Vendors who look into increasing traffic were probably considering recruiting affiliates and setting up an affiliate program. It is a general consensus that initial activity (unless you are a pure online business) should be done through affiliates networks. These are companies who are specializing in recruiting and managing affiliates, running a well managed affiliate program and being a great buffer between the affiliates and the vendors. Large affiliate networks already active in all major territories. Some are domestic and run programs that are suitable for their territory and many others are either global or covering a certain large territory. Vendors should evaluate who is the most suitable network for them (coverage, type of products, type of affiliates, scale and what services are provided). This is a key decision for the vendor who wants to expand online. Vendors will be surprised to see how effective are these programs, level of statistics they can provide and all at a very reasonable cost. Needless to mention that the vendor cost associated with working with affiliates and affiliates networks is directly related to performance. No cost is incurred unless sales were conducted.

Any vendor who expands into global market will find that the basic role of 80:20 works here as well. Some territories will generate great results while the others will be slow. The territory performance will be heavily dependent on the quality of the affiliates recruited. When a vendor works with affiliates, or does the online marketing itself, the following data should be taken into consideration:
• What is the cost of running paid advertizing campaign (AdWords at Google as an example) and can the ROI can be predicted. Price per click can dramatically be different between various territories, and its effectiveness may dramatically vary too.
• Your affiliate is a knowledgeable SEO expert and he spends the required time to get your products to first page with search engine sites. Your affiliate's site is already at front page and your product is added. You may see instant boost in traffic.
• Assuming your new affiliate is a known blogger or runs a successful forum, this may be a major boost at a given territory.
• Your affiliate is a media guru and may get media coverage at significant sites.
• A certain territory will be found as a more suitable one compared to others, although it was not initially planned.
Note: Most affiliates will not disclose the way they generate traffic.

Vendor's website should be optimized based on known rules. Assuming the vendor is successful in generating traffic, the site itself should be developed and constantly optimized to improve conversion. We have seen too many case studies where traffic was high and of quality prospects but the site was not clear enough and conversion was relatively low.
Vendors who are selling a domestic product or service will find that there are international affiliates who will drive high domestic traffic although they are not based in the territory. Affiliates from India, can generate European traffic for local services such as insurance policies and affiliates from Russia can generate US traffic for foreign languages programs. We all should remember that people still browse to their native language sites although they are living in a different country. Large communities like the Hispanic one in the US can be capture through Spanish and Latin America sites. Turkish community in Germany can be approached through Turkish sites and Arabs living in Europe can be approached through leading Arabic sites, forums or blogs.


Getting your products to our global village using online marketing techniques is an art. Not a rocket science but still it takes a lot of experience and lot of trial and error activities. Vendors will find affiliates and their respective affiliate networks as a great vehicle to get into untapped territories and to increase traffic and sales in their existing ones.


Au Revoir Israel and welcome Berlin
June 22, 2009 - 2:52pm

  Last 2 weeks were the busiest we have experienced for long time. It started with the 4 days Affilicon Israel event (the pre conference party, the 2 days event and the super affiliates-networks dinner). We have spent the last 10 days in collecting feedback, analyzing and summarizing this large scale event. Generally speaking the event exceeded our expectation and the feedback was just marvelous. This was a truly an international event with over 10 Affiliate networks, record number of vendors and affiliates.
We have no time to rest and we are well into organizing Affilicon event. We have teamed up with Zanox, one of the largest Affiliates networks who is based in Berlin. Zanox will be very active in recruiting European affiliates to attend the conference. As Germany and the surrounding countries represents one of the largest affiliates market in the world this event should be a must for local as well as international vendors who are looking to expand.

We have booked a place which is limited to 800 attendees and we will close registration once we reach this number. While we were looking for a larger venue, all are booked and this time we will be limited to the above mentioned number.

The agenda, list of presenters, parties, and other administration aspects are all in the works and you will be notified with updates as we proceed.

Looking forward to seeing you all in gorgeous Berlin.

  Prediction- How would personal commerce will look like in 2025 (by Udi Netzer)
May 28, 2009 - 11:58am
  The massive penetration of the Internet into households in the last 15 years, since the internet became commercial, have dramatically changed the way users interact. A lot was said about shortening the food chain while eliminating travel agents, real estate insurance and other middlemen. The communication world has changed and Internet messengers, Voice over IP , SMSs have changed the way we communicate. Marriage stability is broken due to the blooming of dating sites and many social changes are happening and challenging the way we live.

The Internet Boomers- aged 10 in 1995 will be 40 in the year 2025. This is a generation that was born into the Internet. In fact in 2025 half of the worldwide population will not know how the world was prior to the internet birth.

The world in year 2025 will be service biased. Most of the private spending will switch to communication services, tourism, leisure, private health services, education and more. The weight of the products will drop to a level where most of purchases will be classified as emotional buy.

When a TV set will cost 10% of your monthly income, a laptop will be at a price of a nice dinner for two, house furniture will cost up to a monthly salary, the purchase habits will dramatically change.

The dramatic change in production cost will turn the retail expenses to be irrational. The internet as well as the technology advances will replace most of the retail chains who adds around 50% and more to the final product price.
We predict that in year 2025 most of products purchases will be performed over the internet. The data level will be almost perfect. 3 Dimensions visualization, consumer reports, price comparison sites, same day delivery and disproportional low prices will eventually replace the retail stores. Malls will be entertainment centers with concept stores where vendors will demonstrate their goods but will not sell them. It may be possible that even apparel stores will be replaces once virtual technology will be developed and the customer will be "dressed" with his new shirt or skirt that will be demonstrated over his virtual body.
The main activity of the vendor will be related in generating traffic to his site. The more traffic the more revenues. Affiliates will replace, based on our prediction, the traditional sales force. Stores rental and operational cost will be eliminated. All the above will be translated to heavily reduced prices of goods.
The open question, and the hardest to predict, lies over the "balance point". When would vendors eliminate or reduce their dependency around the retail stores. When would sales volumes be over half the final price (assuming that the retail stores add 50% to the final price) so that it will become reasonable for the vendor to bypass its retail chain? We predict that the current crisis and the growth (almost infinite) production capacity will accelerate the process and will start seeing it within the next 2 years. The non brand vendors will start with the process and others will follow.

Think about the car industry. Assuming that the huge retail ( car dealership) will be cut, Billions of dollars will be saved in real estate, inventory, manpower and more. Is the dealership adding additional information when you shop for a car, or can you get better data over the net??? In fact both GM and Chrysler have announced in the last couple of weeks their intention to cut 23-30% of their dealership. Do we already see the beginning of the said revolution?

We do not believe in revolution but evolution. The current economy put a lot of pressure to keep the food chain at its current state. We see the advertisers' war to keep the huge and profitable budgets to be spent with TV spots while it is clear that online advertizing is way more effective and measurable. The elimination of retail store and middleman such as insurance and travel agents will be just a hint regarding the change we are going to see in the next 15 years.
One last final note- All changes starts with education and habits. The Internet generation was born into this way of conducting business and this trend will intensify as time goes by.
Affilicon- the largest non US affiliates conference and exhibition to be held on June 1-2 in Israel will discuss the above prediction and will provide tools as per how to join the revolution. Anyone who is involved in online marketing will find it as a very educative event.

Udi Netzer was the founder of Evergreen, a leading Israeli venture fund and currently invests in Internet related ventures. Udi is the Affilicon chairman

  ELAL CEO to be the Keynote Speaker
May 27, 2009 - 7:12am
  Mr. Haim Romano, ElAL- the Israeli National airline, CEO will be the keynote speaker at Affilicon. Mr. Romano, one of the most respected CEOs in Israel, will speak about globalization and managing during crisis time. We are very pleased to have a presenter of that Caliber. Mr Romano will be presenting during the second day at 10:30 so you all need to be on time.

  Registration notes
May 26, 2009 - 5:33pm
  Few notes as per the registration in the next few days:

Online registration will end this Saturday at midnight GMT. We simply need to merge the records between the online database and the system we use at the door during the event and we need to pre- produce access tags to avoid long queues at the entrance.

Onsite registration will be available during the event. Price at the gate will be $550 for everybody.

Get register ASAP as it will help us in servicing you better and will avoid extra charge for us and you at the gate.

Looking forward to seeing you all at Affilicon next week

  Affilicon Israel Networking Events
May 25, 2009 - 1:33pm
  Hi All,

Finally Affilicon Israel is here and we want to update you on our outdoor networking events. Time to explore Tel Aviv - the city that never ends by our foreign guests and the ones who sits 24 hours in front of the screen.

As a tradition, we are going to have 2 events: an un-official gathering the night before Affilicon and an official party on the second night (right after Affilicon ends).

Affilicon's Un-Official Gathering
Just before Affilicon is starting you can meet the other attendees and have an initial introduction at the atmosphere of a Tel-Aviv bar. Last time we’ve met and had a blast on this un-official gathering.
Where: Buba Mara , 24 Haarbaa st., Tel Aviv
When: Sunday, May 31st from 8:00pm
Who is Invited: Everyone is invited (even non registered attendees)

Affilicon’s Official Party
Time to party. Conference is over and you are invited to enjoy, drink and party! (and network...)
Where: Mandy’s at the Daniel Rowing Club, 2 Rokach st., Tel Aviv
When: Tuesday, June 2nd from 8:30pm
Who is Invited: All Affilicon’s attendees go for free (there will be admission for non attendees)

See you at Affilicon 2009.

  ClickBank acknowledges that some of their largest affiliates are Israelis
May 22, 2009 - 3:33pm
  Clickbank- one of the largest global Affiliate network acknowledges that some of their largest affiliates are Israelis. Israel has a large community of highly professional affiliates. As a country of immigrants, some affiliates operates in many territories and develop content and websites supporting more than 10 languages. Networks and vendors who are looking for expansion will find the Israeli affiliates as a great vehicle in their global expansion. Over 10 global affiliate networks will attend Affilicon Israel.

  Welcome INTELA
May 19, 2009 - 4:23pm
  I want to personaly welcome INTELA to Affilicon. Affilicon and INTELA shares the same vision of a global focus when it comes to affiliates. INTEALA focuses not just on the US but has an office in Europe and a lot of activities there. INTELA focuses on technology when it comes to affiliate marketing, a direction greatly appreciated by international affiliates.

Pop into their booth and see how you, the affiliate can work together.

Once again, welcome INTELA who is a great addition to the number of International Affiliate Networks who will be actively participating at Affilicon

  Is Affilicon a real alternative for a US conference for International Affiliates?
May 18, 2009 - 8:31pm
  When we start developing the Affilicon concept we had a clear vision. Knowing that International affiliates generate more overall traffic than their US counterparts was already a known fact. Knowing that International websites (merchants) generate substantial revenue stream which is strongly dependant on affiliates' traffic is a known fact too.

Affilicon Israel 2009 is an important milestone in recognizing the international affiliates. Many of the large affiliate networks will arrive to attend the show and some will have a booth at the exhibition. Network affiliates such as Never Blue, ClickMedia, Advaliant, Copeac, Intela, UniqueLeads and others will send teams to meet, present and develop relationships. Players like Search Engine Xpo (SMX), Wickedfire, AffSpot, GPWA and others have teamed up with us too. Our Advisory board has now 2 well respected, US based experts. Both will be attending the event.

The scale of the event, the unlimited potential for networking, education and conducting business, all in one hall, will be a unique opportunity for all of us.

We have done our utmost to organize an event adhering to the highest standards seen. Your participation will take Affilicon to new heights and will make the question at the subject a rhetorical one.

  The Millionaire in PJS strikes again!
May 13, 2009 - 8:34am
  Following its outstanding presentation during our previous event held in last November, the Millionaire in PJS took a tough decision to take a break from his break. Igal enjoys Argentina these days and will fly to Israel to attend Affilicon.
His unique style, down to earth, at your face presentation plus his charisma will surely be, again, one of the conference highlights.

Welcome Igal and have a safe flight!

Igal Pines

  What should you expect at Affilicon?
May 6, 2009 - 11:34am
  As you prepare yourself for Affilicon, or if you consider whether to attend or not the following are some general points regarding the focus of this coming event:

• Affilicon Israel is positioned as the largest international non US event for affiliates. Vendors, affiliates networks and affiliates from US, Europe and SEA are going to attend. It is your opportunity to meet colleagues from around the globe.

Education, Education, Education. We are focused on providing the best, practical sessions in the industry. Look at the list of presenters and decide for yourself, should you study from these experts and what sessions to attend.

• Cut and improve deals with your vendors. Many vendors will either exhibit or send delegates to the event. It is your best place to meet them and discuss business related issues.

• Looking to team up with an international Affiliates Network. Affilicon is the place to be. Meet with executives from ClickBank, Advaliant and other leading networks.

• Interested in being involved at the fastest growing segment of the online industry- FOREX- a special track is dedicated to this market. Come and listen and meet the ones who are the key players.

• Looking to get up to date data about SEM- We have teamed up with SMX- a leading global organization that is focusing at this subject.

• Are you a beginner? There is no better place for a giant leap for you. Meet super affiliates and find your mentors for the future.

• You are a vendor, merchant who is looking into using the Internet as a marketing and sales vehicle. Meet your colleagues who are already using it.

• Considering being an affiliate- either part or full time. You have all the experts in one place. Come and consult before you take a commitment.

• Looking to attend a worldwide class event- Affilicon is the one. Come to Avenue- one of the most advanced convention centers in the world and attend a conference and exhibition where every detail was carefully planned.

See you all at Affilicon!

  3 Top Individuals to join Affilicon Advisory board
May 1, 2009 - 01:22am
  I am very please to share with you the fact that 3 top level, high profile individuals have joined our Advisory Board and they are already active in helping us making the Affilicon series of conference and exhibitions a better event to attend.

Dush Ramachandran joined ClickBank in 2005. He is responsible for ClickBank's sales and marketing activities and alliances with affiliate and vendor organizations worldwide. Ramachandran has held executive leadership positions with domestic and international firms such as Requisite Technology, Conceptual Technologies, Computervision Corp., Prime Computer, Inc. and Datapoint Corp. He holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from St. Joseph's College, Bangalore University, and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management.

Peter Bordes is the Founder CEO and Chairman of the Board of MediaTrust. MediaTrust is an ecosystem of performance driven digital media, marketing, and publishing solutions. MediaTrust combines innovative online media and performance advertising technology with human service and expertise. MediaTrust is comprised of Advaliant an award winning performance-based affiliate marketing platform, data management & email marketing.

Jessica Lüthi is the CEO of Jessica is being involved with online marketing and affiliation since the 90s and is considered to be one of the founders of the affiliation activities in the UK. Jessica was instrumental in bringing AffiliateSummit to the UK for the first time.
We are sure that this addition will contribute to keep Affilicon the best Affilicon event to attend.

  Days of product specific affiliates are over
April 28, 2009 - 11:11pm
  Over the last few months I met and spoke with 100s of affiliates, as you can imagine. While talking to them 2 main points were very clear:

1. Affiliates are in constant search for new products that can provide with accelerated traffic and conversions. Affiliates may promote a product for few days and move to the next one. A key component in affiliates' life and success is its ability to search and find a product that can improve his conversion. The days where an affiliate will focus on a single niche are gone. Once you have the expertise in generating traffic , this can be applicable to unlimited set of products or services.
2. The weight and importance of Affiliates Networks is growing. These networks expose the affiliates to practically unlimited set of products and services and their scale and administrative power let the affiliate focus on what he does best-Online Marketing.

I don’t believe I am writing here about a new, unknown phenomena, but thought it worth mentioning here. We at Affilicon tune the conference agenda to address the above. You will hear more and more about tactics of how to find the next thing and will hear a lot of Affiliate Network representatives.

  Affilicon Adds 2 Top Executives to its Advisory Board
April 27, 2009 - 8:30am
  Isle of Man, Douglas – (April 27, 2009) - Peter Bordes and Jessica Lüthi join the Affilicon Advisory Board effective immediately. The 2 top online executives will help Affilicon in further expanding its leadership in the international affiliate performance marketing industry.

"We are extremely delighted to add two industry leaders to our Advisory Board. Both have expressed their desire to help carrying the Affiliate marketing message throughout the world and found Affilicon to be the right platform" says Mr. Itay Paz Affilicon founder. "Their experience and desire to contribute will further expand Affilicon success and will help affiliates to grow their business" adds Mr. Paz.

"The need for well planned and executed affiliate marketing  conferences in the non US international market was not fulfilled until recently. Affilicon has read the map, identified the top emerging affiliate marketing markets and demonstrated dedication, professionalism and ability to cover this need" says Peter Bordes."I am pleased to join the advisory board and work with Affilicon to expand our industry and help build the international and emerging markets. Our industry is growing rapidly and expanding into new emerging markets. Affilicon is helping lead the way. I look forward to see how it is evolved and spend time at the conferences speaking with advertising and affiliate partners." adds Mr. Bordes.
"The international affiliates market has significantly grown over the last few years" according to Jessica Lüthi."The need for specially developed international affiliates conference was clear to me and Affilicon is the right platform to make it happen. I look forward to helping Affilicon to be the event of choice for affiliates around the world" adds Ms. Lüthi.

Peter Bordes
is the Founder CEO and Chairman of the Board of MediaTrust. MediaTrust is an ecosystem of performance driven digital media, marketing, and publishing solutions. MediaTrust combines innovative online media and performance advertising technology with human service and expertise. MediaTrust is comprised of Advaliant an award winning performance-based affiliate marketing platform, data management & email marketing.
Jessica Lüthi is the CEO of Jessica is being involved with online marketing and affiliation since the 90s and is considered to be one of the founders of the affiliation activities in the UK. Jessica was instrumental in bringing AffiliateSummit to the UK for the first time.
About Affilicon
Affilicon is the leading Affiliates' conferences and exhibitions for non US affiliates. With conferences being held in Israel, Berlin, Mumbai, Beijing and Stockholm, Affilicon serves the international affiliates community and helps online merchants to expand their reach. Affilicon's events aimed at educating, set the right environment for networking and conducting business. For more information, please visit

  Affiliates Conferences- Where is it Heading?
April 23, 2009 - 9:12am
  During the last few months I am in constant discussions with many affiliates programs, vendors and super affiliates. We discuss and share views with the prime goal to find the best way to better serve our growing community.
This short, quick blog, which I am writing from Munich, Germany, is a summary for my findings and how it affects our activity at Affilicon. Here are the main conclusions I hear from leading vendors:

1. While the US market is well served by 2 main local events the International market is still seeking for events that will serve the international affiliates community and the local and global vendors.
2. The days of niche affiliates are gone and they all tend to promote products in various market segments.
3. The non US market is not a homogenous market and regional events are a must. However, a main non US (international) event is preferred in addition to the regional ones.
4. International affiliates look for well organized educational sessions. They do not come just for networking and meeting vendors. This is more emphasized for regional events.

Here are the main conclusions I hear from affiliates:

1. Regional events are key. Many affiliates, although promoting global vendors do not intend to fly far for such events.
2. Affiliates are interested in meeting local and global vendors. A conference is a key event for affiliates who tend to sit in front of a screen all day long.
3 Affiliates Networks become a key component in the industry and affiliates are very interested to meet and better understand their role and how can they help them in growing their business.
4 Education is a key component for an event.
5 A large, once a year, international (non US) event is required.
6 A non US affiliates magazine is missing.

We, Affilicon, listen to the above and believe that we come up with a plan and proper execution that will best serve the needs as detailed above.

  Affilicon group at Facebook is getting traction
February 6, 2009 - 11:22am
  With all said about Facebook, I find it a great communication tool between people who share the same interest. Since we lunched this group in April, 2008 we saw a constant growth and we get very good feedback for our events. In addition, I know, many people develop relationship ( mostly professional) and it helps in developing business.
Yesterday we have crossed the 1000 members and we feel proud about it.
The group is very international and covers all continents. We are sure that it will rapidly expand as it works on the concept of "friend brings friend". Send the URL to your friends who can help us all in improving our business. Onwards to 2000 members by June this year.

  Affilicon set its events plan for the next 12 months
February 5, 2009 - 8:10am
  Listening to the affiliates and the affiliate programs (vendors) and riding on the effectiveness of event held last November in Israel, Affilicon aggressively address the market needs in the non US market.

The US market is well covered by Affiliate Summit which gives a suitable training and networking events in both sides of the continent. However, the European market and the South East Asia market were almost untapped. We have spent considerable time analyzing the market and its needs and set 5 events to cover most of the lucrative markets. See our home page for Affilicon locations and dates.

Affilicon Israel is the anchor event. In Israel you will meet the well respected Israeli Super and smaller affiliates in addition to many international affiliates who will come to network with their counterparts from both Europe and Asia. Vendors should expect to see around 1500 attendees with over 500 from the international market.

Affilicon Stockholm and Prague are designed to accommodate mostly affiliates who live within 2 hours flight (and for most of them few hours' drive). These events should cover Scandinavia, central and eastern Europe.

Affilicon Beijing and India are planned to attract 1000s of affiliates in each event. These are great events vendors can not miss.

Affilicon believes that in these territories targeting the general affiliates (and not the ones who work in a niche market) is the way to go. Nowadays, affiliates use their expertise and move from one niche/one product to another as the opportunity arises. The days where affiliates are focusing at a single market niche are over. Vendors who will attend these events will have the opportunity to meet new affiliates and recruit them.

Your comments and feedback are mostly welcome. Please contact me directly and share with me your views.

  Note the Dates
January 21, 2009 - 11:10pm
  Vegas Vegas Vegas

Last week I spent a valuable time in Las Vegas. Firstly I must say that the economy slow down is still not strongly felt there. The streets are packed, you need to book a place in a restaurant in advance and the Casinos seem very active. 3 (at least the ones I visited) conferences and a lot of actions.
Affiliate Summit was good. Good sessions and a high number of participants. It is clearly a US affiliates show. Met very few international visitors. CES was interesting (for a gadget lover like me). 130K people attended and the exhibition hall was packed with the latest and greatest. The Online Adult conference was smaller but still a lot to see

Now I am back digging into the unlimited tasks of making Affilicon on June 1-2nd a great event. I strongly believe that Israel being located in the middle for the Europeans and the ones from the Far East plus the great super affiliates reside in Israel will turn Affilicon to be a truly International event. A lot of US based affiliates and vendors plan to come to the event as well to meet their international counterparts.

I am sure this Affilicon will be an event to remember.

See ya there.

  Affilicon Prediction for 2009
January 3, 2009 - 11:17pm
  We start here a series of predictions to be presented at the beginning of each year and be examined at the end of the year. We acknowledge that we are biased and would like to see on-line marketing growing over the years. However, we believe we walk on solid ground as we have enough data from previous years.

The e-commerce market will grow at a rate of 20% compared to 2008
The tough economic climate will accelerate the need for many offline vendors to offer their products online. Online marketing has proven itself as the most cost effective way of reaching targeted audience and as a safe way to increase sales. We predict more insurance companies, banks, car vendors, electronics retailers, travel agencies to go online this year.

Number of affiliates will significantly grow and competition will be stiffer
A clear move of offline hi tech and marketing veteran will enter the online marketing market this year. While competition will be more intense, some new comers will shine and will join the existing super affiliates due to new techniques or new marketing concepts to be introduced by them.

Online Ad spending will grow 10%
Most analysts predict that ad spending at TV, newspaper and radios will decrease in 2009. We believe that Internet spending will grow at least 10% as it was already proven as more targeted and better monitored. We believe that Video ads will grow over 50% while static banners spending will slow down.

Cellular ads will wait for 2010
While a lot of trials campaigns will be experiment during 2009, it will take one more year before it will become a mainstream media.

PPC growth will slow down but still grow 5% over 2008
Google growing dominance of the paid search results at a higher PPC price. This will impact the advertisers and will decrease the number of total clicks bookings. However, new players constantly enter this segment and the Google will experience moderate growth.

Social networks will become more an online marketing tool in 2009 and spending will increase 25%
More and more advertisers experience the power of social networking. We will see more and more PPC campaigns and much higher spending with video. Youtube will finally become a decent ad platform.

Content will remain the king
During 2009 we will see more and more budgets and time spend in writing quality and garbage content. Initial tests will content generating robots will show (unfortunately) good results.

Spam will become a less productive way of online marketing
The strength of Anti-Spam engines, the laws being in effect in many countries, the reduce number of zombie computers and the general antagonism will make email campaigns less effective and the conversion will go below 0.3%.

The world will become a safer place
The western world war against terrorism and extreme movements will finally reduce the number of terrorists attack and 2009 will be remembered as turn point year.

Affilicon Spring will attract over 1500 people and over 70 exhibitors

Well, this will be simple to evaluate and final results will be published during the first week of June

Have a great year!

  Happy New Year!
December 31, 2008 - 11:11pm
  The Affilicon group would like to wish each one of you a great new year. We believe that the affiliation market is posed to grow this year and to generate great returns to the ones who are dedicated, professional and committed.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Affilicon Spring June 1-2nd in Israel..

May all your plans and wished be fulfilled this year.

  Note the Dates
December 13, 2008 - 12:17pm
  AS we selected the Venue, we had to change the dates to be the 1st and 2nd of June and not as advertised before.

  Launching Affilicon Spring 2009
December 7, 2008 - 11:11pm
  We are very pleased to launch the official site of Affilicon Spring, 2009- the second International affiliates conference and exhibition. This time much bigger, 1200-1500 attendees ( with over 500 from abroad) and over 70 exhibitors. Agenda is getting shaped now, floor plan will be distributed soon, and some more keynote speakers will be announced down the road.

We are 7 months before the conference and will do our best to make it the best worldwide affiliate conference ever conducted!

See you all there

  8 Days ago....
December 2, 2008 - 11:51am
  Affilicon 2008 is over. I could not imagine in my wildest dreams that the event will be so successful. Being an affiliate for the last 9.5 years, I felt since 2003 that such an event will have a great demand and can gather some of the brightest people in the industry. Through the years I have talked to many of my colleagues, the affiliates and to many vendors and they all have agreed that the right place for an international affiliates event is Israel. Flying to various places in the world at an airplane packed with Israeli affiliates and vendors and hearing Hebrew all around at any affiliates conference around the globe made it very clear that an event should be organized in Israel.

From the very beginning I was shooting for the highest international standards with some Israeli unique flavors. The place selected (Shefayim convention center) at the heart of a kibbutz located by the Mediterranean sea provided a very unique, relaxed, different surrounding. Seeing 100s of people networking at the green gardens sitting on sofas and pillows was a great success. The cinema auditorium was a perfect place to conduct the sessions and actually it is the first time that I see 70%+ of the audience at all sessions! Food was great (we have selected a top chef) and the party was awesome. The exhibition halls were adjacent to the auditorium, at the same floor and all exhibitors were very happy with the amount of leads generated. We took notes so that the few glitches, such as the long queue at the first day, will be improved at the next one.

The 535 Israelis and the 132 attendees from abroad have attended high level sessions, a good exhibition which had a mixture of vendors, media companies and Affiliate networks, great atmosphere for networking and a lot of FUN.

I never thought it will be such an effort to get it done but the end result and the great feedback I got from most of you is the reward.

No time to relax. We have already selected the venue for the Affilicon Spring and this time it will be a much larger place, a top class convention center, but once again with some Israeli flavor. Expect to be surprised. Not yet another hotel in the middle of the city. Affilicon Spring will host 1200-1500 attendees with over 500 expected from abroad. 70+ vendors ( mostly from abroad) will be exhibiting, great sessions and keynote speakers are expected and a lot of networking and fun.

Affilicon could not be a success without your support , advise and help. I want to thank all of you. It was great hosting you.

Looking forward to hosting you again at Affilicon Spring 2009.

  8 Days to go....
November 17, 2008 - 08:12am
  The gates are going to be opened in 8 days. The conference handbook and the various banners are at the printer. Conference bag has arrived from China. Marketing material from various vendors abroad is getting packed at our offices. "Live person" is constantly beeping with people asking questions about registration and room booking. With 530 people already registered we know it is going to be packed, warm and interesting.

We are very pleased with the amount of interest the conference generates and the general positive feedback we get from various individuals in the industry. The amount of international attendees makes us to believe that next year Affilicons will become the place to be for anyone who is operating Affiliate program and for all major affiliates in the world.

The Affilicon team is very committed to make Affilicon a professional, to be remembered event ( and we are sure that next one will be even better and bigger.)

Be ready for further announcements about parties and more surprises.

  New Media Partner to Affilicon - WickedFire
November 16, 2008 - 09:12am
  We have a great new media partner to Affilicon: WickedFire - It is great to have them as our partners and we hope to build together a better future for all :) thanks Jon!


  The art of Online marketing 2
November 7, 2008 - 06:12am
  Following my previous blog posted on September 4th I thought I will update you with our progress.

Our continuous effort pays off. We have now over 20,000 mentions when you search Affilicon at Google. 400+ participants have already registered (80+ are coming from abroad) .Exhibition is almost sold out. Our Facebook group has grown to almost 750 members. We have almost 500 daily visitors to the site (50% are not from Israel).

We have just launched a banner campaign at some relevant sites and we forecast increased traffic and registration for the conference.
Look at Yediot Achronut this coming Friday (October 31st). A double spread article is planned.

We are very excited about the level of interest and we are sure Affilicon will be a corner stone for the affiliation industry in Israel.

See you all at Affilicon on November 24-25th.

  35 days to Go
October 19, 2008 - 07:12am
  The last 2 weeks were crazy here. As I wrote in my last blog post, the past 2 weeks we were working around the clock even throughout the holidays, weekends, anything to close the gap. Between our business and Affilicon we are juggling to make it all happening. So where are we at? we are progressing fast, more and more sponsors are joining the Affilicon as well as attendees. We expect to have the event a blowout. So what should you expect to to have there? First is the full 2 fully packed days with sessions revolving affiliate marketing: SEO, SEM, Pay-Per-Click, Web2.0, Videos etc'. We have announced our 2 keynote speakers to be Noam Lanir, CEO of Livermore Investments (ex. Empire Online, the biggest affiliate ever in the world) and Gigi Levy, CEO of 888 Holdings. Then we have an exhibition - Affiliates can meet merchants, affiliate programs and service providers which they can do business with. Finally lots of networking...this is one of the secrets of success of conferences...get to know people, affiliates, colleagues, competitors and more. And don't miss out the Party!!! more details on the party will be released shortly.

  Less Than 2 Months to Go
October 4, 2008 - 11:44pm
  At Israel many celebrate the Jewish New Year these days. Not too many working days (some work 10 days all October!!! can you believe it?!). There are less than 2 months to go to the launch of the conference and things looking great. We are almost done with all the sponsorships and exhibitors. There is going to be a great party (details will be published soon) and new attendees are registering daily. There is a good chance the event will be sold out a few weeks before the event date. If you are planning on coming, I suggest you register now as we will might have to close registration and refuse attendees as soon as we get to the full capacity of the event. Shana Tova to all!

  We Want You to Write :)
September 28, 2008 - 10:22am
  We have launched a new section in the site called "Affiliate Marketing Articles" (see in the left menu). If you are in the Affiliate Marketing Industry and think you can contribute to others with your knowledge and thoughts we will be happy to get you published. So...all you have to do is send us the article (you can find the email at this section). We will publish your articles with a link to your website. Best articles may be published in other forms such as the Affilicon's conference handbook and will give you a great deal of exposure! Are you up to the challenge? send us your articles at Affiliate Marketing Articles.

  We Are In A Full Gear!
September 14, 2008 - 1:09am
  Just a quick update guys... we had our first day with 13 new attendees registered to the Affilicon conference. at that rate we will be selling all tickets way before the event :) we are happy with the progress. We expect 600+ attendees.

  The Art of Online Marketing
September 4, 2008 - 5:01pm
Affilicon was initially introduced on Aug 1st. We have selected to start the conference marketing by using free of charge online marketing tools. We used, primarily, free of charge emails to selected contacts (which we personally know or know off). We have opened an "Affilicon group" at Facebook and currently we have over 500 individuals subscribed. Posting in various posts, setting up a site for Affilicon and updating through blogs ( such as this one) have resulted in over 100 paying participants and over 50% of the exhibition space sold. Searching at Google for Affilicon results now with over 2,000 mentions. So far so good and with minimal cost.

We are adding now some paid activities. We have just lunched a PPC campaign at Google and we are going to publish few press releases for the Israeli media.

Will report back with results as we accumulate them.

  Affilicon- 83 days before the conference
September 3, 2008 - 10:59am
Preparation are in full gear. Agenda was updated to cater for your requests. We might make some more changes in the near future. We are busy collecting articles for the conference booklet. Individuals are interested in contributing are welcome.
We have passed the 100 participates mark. People are taking advantage of the early bird program. You can still register and get a discount.

We are already confident that the conference will be an event to remember.

  First Post - Affilicon is Launched
August 17, 2008 - 8:27am
  Everyone reading this probably spends most of their time like me, living in a virtual world. All our interaction is on a monitor. It’s a fascinating world bounded only by our imagination and creativity. But the downside is that it can be lonely.

There is nothing like the human contact that comes from conferences and other get-togethers. Spending a few hours with people who, like us, wake every morning thinking about the same issues is very special. There’s energy and synergy created that cannot be achieved anywhere else.

It’s the reason that conferences, expos and market places are one of the oldest of human activities. People love to come together to see what’s new, to exchanges news (and gossip), to listen and to learn. Just one good idea, one good contact could reap rewards for years to come.

Affilicon now makes this possible for the first time in Israel. Not having to travel abroad not only saves money but also precious time. A minimal investment can return great benefits.

Responses to the initial announcement about plans for Affilicon have been excellent. “It’s about time someone organized this” has been the general comment.

But it’s not enough to say “it’s a great idea”. You, the affiliate entrepreneur are an essential part of the success of this event. The vendors, media companies, affiliate programs, operators and the experts come to meet you. Your fellow entrepreneurs come to meet you. That’s what networking and synergy is all about.

The organizers have put together an action packed program of information and ideas to help you make more money from your efforts.

We look forward to meeting you in November.
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